Five Things for Thursday [linkdump]

1. I was interviewed, along with Deborah Stanish, for the DoctorHer website.

2. Chicks Dig Comics was the Big Idea over on John Scalzi’s Whatever yesterday. :-) You can also check out our Fan Page on Facebook for additional updatery.

3. Here’s a review from the Examiner of Chicks Dig Comics.

4. If you’re in the Portland, OR. Area, Bridge City Comics is having a Chicks Dig Comics event! Check it out.

5. I will be at C2E2 on Saturday and Sunday this weekend! Our Chicks Dig Comics Panel is in N426a at Noon on Sunday, and we will be signing from 1:15-about 3pm at Autograph Table 3. They split us because there is a limit to signers per table, but I suspect many of us will be underfoot if not seated.

On Saturday, I’ll be on the show floor, most likely standing in line for autographs from John Barrowman and Sean Astin. If you happen to catch me wandering about, I’m always happy to say hi and sign stuff if you like…so long as it’s not at the EXACT SAME MOMENT that I’m getting my Barrowman/Astin autographs. #fangirlatheart. :-)


Posted: Thursday, April 12th, 2012 @ 4:03 pm
Categories: 5 things, administrivia, appearances, Chicks Dig Comics, conventions, shameless promotion.
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