CONvergence is imminent! [appearances]

So I will be at CONvergence this coming weekend, in Bloomington, MN. Here is my con schedule:

I’m deeply pleased about pretty much all of this. :-) I mean, I get to be onstage with SOPHIE ALDRED to moderate her Q&A. How cool is that?
Plus, we’re doing a live recording of the SF Squeecast. And more!

If you want to see how LAST year’s CONvergence went, with me as a GOH, there are some vids available on the CONvergence Youtube Channel, too. :-)

Chicks STILL Dig Time Lords panel clip:

A clip from my GOH Interview:

Final thoughts from all of the GOHs:


So, yeah. I’m looking forward to this convention. 😉

Posted: Monday, July 2nd, 2012 @ 3:51 pm
Categories: Apex Magazine, appearances, conventions, SFSqueecast, shameless promotion.
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