How ready are libraries to take on the mobile age, really?

Generally, I’d say we’re not particularly ready. My library, for instance, has a mobile version of our website available through the university’s app, but not all of our databases, etc. are actually usable through it.

And that, of course, is after you authenticate in the first place.

Today, I read this article about APIs on ReadWriteWeb: Netflix’ Daniel Jacobsen: Letting APIs Change Everything.

Now, I’m really scared. We are nowhere near ready to deal with this. Not libraries, not vendors.

Which means that if we don’t start pushing towards it now, we are going to be completely irrelevant to everyday life very soon.

Oh, dear.


About Lynne M. Thomas

Lynne M. Thomas is a nine time Hugo Award winning editor and podcaster. In her day job, she is Head of the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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