5 Things Make A Post [linkspam edition]

1. I had an absolutely LOVELY time last night dishing Doctor Who with the awesome folks at Arlington Heights Memorial Library. Thanks to Christina Stoll who coordinated the event, and Gordon Dymowski, who modded. Also, thanks to Mike-the-Mike-Guy, who ran about with impunity to make sure everyone had a chance to ask questions and share thoughts. Thanks to EVERYONE who turned up!

2. I’ve been looking at Pinterest with interest, and this article caught my eye.

3. Amazon is at it again, pulling books from their site when they want to strong arm distributors. Fortunately, SFWA has decided that Amazon’s actions aren’t cool.

4. Apex Magazine is closing to submissions for March at midnight tonight.

5. I’m taking a quick trip over the next couple of days, and will be offline. Play nice while I’m gone, won’t you?


About Lynne M. Thomas

Lynne M. Thomas is a Hugo Award winning editor and podcaster. In her day job, she is the Head of Distinctive Collections and Curator of Rare Books and Special Collections at Northern Illinois University.
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