5 Things Make A Post full of Minor Grumbles

Sure, why not? I’ve been a bad blogger.

1. There is an Forbes article today suggesting that libraries and publishers should not be arguing about ebook purchasing, but rather, ebook licensing. My reaction: NO. Licensing of ejournals bankrupted libraries as they costs went up 8-15% per year, but our budgets remained flat. This is not a good deal for libraries. Try again. *grumbles*

2. Yet again, I’m having trouble using Overdrive books from my library on my Nook. It’s a problem with the Adobe Digital Editions software, so far as I can tell. When I have the energy, I will contact my local library to tell them so in the hopes of getting it fixed. In the meantime, I’ve started reading a different, paper, book. *grumbles*

3. I’m currently revising all of my lecture notes, assignments, readings, etc. for my SJSU Special Collections class, to be offered in the Spring. Yes, I’m working ahead for my own sanity. This is a good thing, so that I can focus on discussion and grading next semester. But I have a case of the it’s-nearly-holiday-break-donwannas, so progress is slower than the Type-A half of my brain would like. *grumbles*

4. In the land of comics, DC’s statistics and demographics info for their new 52 sales came out. 93% male readers. This is why they aren’t particularly worried about how women experience comics. Their sales numbers tell them that it doesn’t matter very much to their bottom line. *grumbles*

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Lifetime are developing “Darcy’s Town,” a modern TV series based on Pride and Prejudice. I really don’t care for Hewitt as an actress, and I will likely not even give this a chance. I’ll just keep going with the Lizzie Bennet Diaries as my modern adaptation, thankyouverymuch. *grumbles*

So there you go.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, I have TARDIS string lights! And a TARDIS ornament on our Christmas tree! These make me happy, as does making my way through Burn Notice season 5, and spending lots of time with Michael and Caitlin.


About Lynne M. Thomas

Lynne M. Thomas is a nine time Hugo Award winning editor and podcaster. In her day job, she is Head of the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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2 Responses to 5 Things Make A Post full of Minor Grumbles

  1. Colin says:

    It’s such a shame comic companies can’t figure out how to write and market something for women. The industry, in my humble opinion, is broken. They do the same schtick constantly and wonder why sales aren’t where they were years ago.

    If the Big Two (backed by some very, very powerful companies) took a leap of faith, developed a larger line of comics dealing with things other than superheroes, and marketed them appropriately, I would suggest the comics industry would probably start growing – particularly considering the current climate of movies.

    Furthermore, the industry as a whole has to step back and take a look at itself and realize that, the way it presents itself is largely unprofessional – and that scares away potential readers who might otherwise really enjoy some of what’s offered today. Local comic shops are quite often jammed full, with workers who dress like bums and blaring music that is offensive to half their clientele. My wife has been saying from the time I met her that these places don’t seem interested in women at all. (Yet, when I got her reading comics, she really enjoyed them.)

    In my opinion there needs to be a change from the top down to address the ‘female reader’ question. Unfortunately, since comics spin-offs are making so much money (see: movies), there doesn’t seem to be any real motivation to look beyond what’s already there.

    Okay, /rant off.


    • Lynne says:

      *sigh* Unfortunately, if the Big Two are looking at their sales numbers, what they choose to take from that information is that “guys buy comics, mostly superheroes.” Their current approach is working from a sales perspective.


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