Cover Pose Calendar: Jim C. Hines (Signal Boost!)

Signal boost! Remember when Jim C. Hines did those awesome cover poses and raised money for the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation? Well, now there is a CALENDAR of those poses that you can have for your very own. 🙂

Originally posted by jimhines at Cover Pose Calendar

The 2014 “Year of the Poser” cover pose calendar is now up for sale at the Tinkers’ Pack website.
As with last year’s cover posing fundraiser, my goal this year was to raise additional funds for the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation. Aicardi Syndrome affects 1 in 105,000 girls born in the U.S. It causes brain malformation, visual problems, seizures, developmental delays, and other medical complications. Most research puts the life expectancy for people with Aicardi between 8 and 16 years.
As a special bonus, not only do you get a calendar full of ridiculous poses, but each calendar is autographed both by me and by bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss. (I hadn’t expected Pat to take the time to autograph several hundred calendars, but I’m thrilled that he did!)

My thanks to Pat Rothfuss, Nicole Everard, Kat Lemmer, and everyone at the Tinkers’ Pack, as well as my wife and photographer Amy Hines, my celebrity guest posers John Scalzi, Mary Robinette Kowal, Charlie Stross, and Pat Rothfuss, guest photographer Al Bogdan, and everyone who supported the fundraiser last year and helped us to make the calendar goal.
Supplies are limited, so order fast!
Please spread the word. And if for some reason you don’t feel the need to have a calendar with ME in various awkward and contorted poses but you still want to support the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation, you can do so on their website.
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