Caitlin’s Scoliosis Surgery, part 4

We were moved out of the ICU yesterday to the pediatric floor. This was a slight deviation from the usual plan, which would put us in the orthopedics floor. However, Cait’s surgical stuff has done great. The problem has been her heart rate and her breathing. Which means that the pedi folks are better equipped to deal with her than the orthopedics folks at this point.



This is her with her epidural out but her drain for her wound still in. Last day in the ICU. We slowly began her feeds, and then there was the Great Poopwatch, which finally happened yesterday, thank goodness. That’s a big step towards her systems getting back to themselves.


Moved to our new digs. Nice view!


We watched the Superbowl last night in our room. Caitlin got a bear. 🙂

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She’s continued with breathing treatments, and we tried 3 separate times to wean her from oxygen support with no success. Her heart rate finally came down today, thank goodness, but she was still on oxygen. We’ve finally determined that it looks like a portion of her right lung had collapsed. It’s slowly reinflating thanks to the breathing treatments. We’re currently trying to wean her from oxygen. Here’s hoping it works. She’s now officially bored of hospital, as are we. 


We are all very much missing our own beds and our cat. The hospital has been excellent in terms of care, but there are only so many nights on a foldout chair that one can handle before longing for our own bed.

If Caitlin is able to come off the oxygen, and her electrolytes remain stable in the next couple of sets of labs, we are hopeful that we’ll get to come home tomorrow.

Again, there is just no way to thank everyone enough for all of the support they’ve provided, in terms of well wishes, gifts, cards, food, and general rooting for all to go well. So thank you. From the bottoms of our hearts. Because you’re helping us stay whole through all of this.

We are also thinking very much of the Tolman family right now, as their daughter Annie, who is of an age with Caitlin and also has Aicardi, just had the same surgery, and they are currently in the hospital after Annie went in with a massive infection that they haven’t found a cause for. We hope that they get some answers and solutions soon.



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  1. Continued good thoughts and best wishes.


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