Epic CONfusion schedule!

We will be attending our very first Epic CONfusion this year!


Saturday 10:00 AM Anthologies as Advocacy (Isle Royale)
All fiction is in some way political and science fiction and fantasy have a healthy tradition of anthologies that seek to open up space for new voices and new conversations. To what extent do an anthology’s political goals interact with other editorial considerations? And how are such books received and reviewed by the field — both politically, and aesthetically?
Michael J. DeLuca, Yanni Kuznia, Mari Brighe, Kelley Armstrong (M), Michael Damian Thomas

Saturday 11:00:00 AM Bad Girls Just Want Good Stories (Isle Royale)
Let’s talk about anti-heroines and the positives and negatives of the flawed female character archetype. Is the flawed female character becoming the new strong female character? Is this yet another one-note character type masquerading as diverse representations of women? What’s the line between an anti-heroine and a villain?
Merrie Haskell, Mari Brighe, Lynne M. Thomas, Navah Wolfe, Sarah Gibbons
Saturday 1:00:00 PM Adapting Science Fiction and Fantasy (Charlevoix)
Adapting beloved (and not so beloved) genre into other mediums (adapting books to screen, comics based on TV and media properties (Dr. Who, the new Star Wars comics, Mad Max, novelizations of films and tie-in
David M. Stein,  Michael R. Underwood (M), Lynne M. Thomas, Matt Pearson
Saturday 5:00:00 PM Generations of Genre (Isle Royale)
For one reader, “traditional fantasy” is pre-Tolkienian, pre-genre, sui-generis works; for another, it’s Forgotten Realms and David Eddings. Equally, for one reader The Hunger Games is a young adult dystopia, while for another it’s science fiction. Can the evolution of such terms be mapped onto changing demographics — is there such a thing as GenX fantasy, or Baby Boomer science fiction? And do any terms retain their currency, and describe common ground across generations?
Laura Resnick, Steve Buchheit, Lynne M. Thomas, Max Gladstone, Stina Leicht
Saturday 5:o0:00 PM LOLCats, Wols, and Watch Me: Pop Culture in SFF? (Keweenaw)
Pop-culture is ever evolving and fiction often hides behind a desire to be “timeless”. However, pop-culture is an increasing influence on our lives, particularly among young people. How can these modern phenomena be used to make science fiction and fantasy more relevant to today’s readers? Why don’t we see more created popular culture within invented worlds?
Ferrett Steinmetz, Amy Sundberg, Michael Damian Thomas, Sunil Patel, Adam Rakunas
Saturday 8:00:00 PM Professional Wrestling as Genre Fiction (Saugatuck)
From the force choke to the choke slam, from power armor to power bomb, the story telling within professional wrestling is not dissimilar from the hyperbolic nature of science fiction and fantasy. What can professionalwrestling teach us about writing and committing to a story?

Carl Engle-Laird, Merrie Haskell, Dave Hogg, Lynne M. Thomas, Michael Damian Thomas (M)
Sunday 11:00:00 AM The Vocabulary of Criticism (Isle Royale)
Prose Style, Voice, and Narrative Structure: does anyone care? These terms are often thrown around, but what do they really mean? And more importantly how should a reader translate them in to something useful for evaluating what they read?
Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Scott H. Andrews, Amal El-Mohtar, Carl Engle-Laird (M), Lynne M. Thomas
Sunday 11:00:00 AM Editorially Speaking (Charlevoix)

Come hear from working editors in the science fiction and fantasy field about what the role an editor plays in bringing a manuscript from submission to publication. What trends are editors seeing in the field and what do they want to see in the coming years?
Yanni Kuznia, DongWon Song (M), Michael Damian Thomas, Navah Wolfe, Miriam Weinberg
Sunday 1:00:00 PM Fragmented Fandoms (Keweenaw)

Before 1990, computer geeks tended to be the fans online, and fandom tended to be a little more fragmented (fanzine fans/con fans/gamers/readers). Now that almost every fan has an online presence, are we more fragmented or less?

Joel Zakem, Steve Drew, Michael Damian Thomas, Michael Lee, Pablo Vazquez

About Lynne M. Thomas

Lynne M. Thomas is a nine time Hugo Award winning editor and podcaster. In her day job, she is Head of the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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