Cover art and Table of Contents: New Directions for Special Collections!

Contracts and agreements are all in, so now we can, with great pleasure, make our table of contents for New Directions for Special Collections public!

Thank you to everyone who submitted, and to all who contributed. The book comes out in November, and is available for preorder right now.
Cover for New Directions for Special Collections: An Anthology of Practice

Introduction – Lynne M. Thomas & Beth M. Whittaker

1) The Rare Book Librarian’s Day, Revisited – Melanie Griffin

2) Reading Room and Reference (Re)Vision: The Transformation of Reader Services – Mattie Taormina & Marilyn Rackley

3) “Oh, Wow!”:  Assessment and Affective Learning in Special Collections and Archives – Anne Bahde

4) Developing K-12 Outreach Methods for Special Collections Centers  –  Amy Chen, Lisa Crane, Melanie Meyers, Charlotte Priddle, Abby Saunders

5) Teaching With Special Collections: Alliances Between Cultural Heritage Professionals –  Maureen E. Maryanski

6) History, Memory, Community, Leadership: collections-based programming in congressional archives – Audrey McKanna Coleman

7) Collecting Printed Books in a Digital Age – John Overholt

8) Digital Acquisitions and Appraisal – Sarah Barsness and Anjanette Schussler

9) Documenting Ferguson: Collecting Current Events in Archives  – Meredith R. Evans, Shannon Davis, Jennifer Kirmer, Sonya Rooney

10) Dance Companies as Living Archives: Protecting the Future by Preserving the Present – Supriya Wronkiewicz

11) Success with Donors: Practical Approaches that Work for All – Sherry Williams

 12) You and What Army? Making the Most of Student and Volunteer Labor in Contemporary Special Collection and Archives – Dana M. Miller

13) A Janus Perspective: Origins and Future of 21st-Century Preservation and Conservation in Library and Archives Special Collections – Priscilla Anderson and Whitney Baker

14) Top Ten Questions and Answers about Digital Preservation for Special Collections and Archives – Lynne M. Thomas and Jaime L. Schumacher

15) Discovery of Special Collections Resources at Web Scale: Opportunities and Challenges for Metadata Librarians – Christine DeZelar-Tiedman

16) Special Files on the Semantic Web: Using Linked Data to Revitalize Special Collections Catalogs – Allison Jai O’Dell

17) Old Challenges, New Solutions: Leveraging Organizational Change to Construct a New Future – Jennifer O’Brien Roper and Ivey Glendon

18) Open access and copyright in archives and special collections – Heather Briston

19) Leaving Privacy in the Past?: Exploring a Curatorial Conundrum – Judith Wiener

20) Succession Planning for 21st Century Special Collections Leadership: Initial Steps – Athena Jackson

21) Towards a Culture of Social Media in Special Collections – Colleen Theisen

Afterword – Lynne M. Thomas & Beth M. Whittaker


Current status:

Leslie Knope, looking proud.

Leslie Knope, looking proud.


About Lynne M. Thomas

Lynne M. Thomas is a nine time Hugo Award winning editor and podcaster. In her day job, she is Head of the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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