(P)Review: Space Unicorn Tea Blends by Adagio

[note: I was compensated for this review with an Adagio teas gift certificate]

I’m a happy Adagio Teas customer–my taste trends towards “nice versions of loose black teas” for me (I particularly love their Assam Harmony) and “fruit flavored black teas” (Blackberry and Pumpkin Spice) for Michael.

Over a month ago, Ashley from Adagio Teas contacted me with the offer of a gift certificate code in exchange for a review on my blog. She pointed out their fandom collections (of which I was actually aware, having been gifted a set or two).

So, first and foremost, I refilled a couple of our staple teas we had run out of: Pumpkin Spice and English Breakfast. They included a sample of Rooibos Vanilla Chai, which I’m looking forward to trying.

I don’t think Ashley was aware that one of my tasks this month was to develop tea blends for our Uncanny Magazine Year Three Kickstarter Backers… but her timing was great.

So, I polled the Uncanny staff, and we came up with some possibilities, and I’m here to reveal and preview our Space Unicorn blends, and tell you what they taste like. For our “Space Unicorn Sips” backers, we will have two choices.

Space Unicorn “Light”: Tart and light, as a space unicorn should be. White snowbud, lemon soleil, summer rose, and a hint of rosehips. This is a bit more on the floral side, which is not usually my initial tea-based impulse, but I still really liked it. On opening, it smelled kind of like potpourri, to be honest. However, BREWED, it is a lovely, more muted floral tea that screams “garden party.” Less caffeine than in a hard-core black tea, lighter red color. This is a relaxing tea. Goes well with leftover baklava.

Space Unicorn “Dark”: Assam harmony, chocolate chai, and a hint of vanilla for a Space Unicorn Pick Me Up. This is a little sweet and spicy, highly caffeinated, to get you ready for Space Unicorn Adventures. ALSO good with leftover baklava.

(Yes, I know that the tins don’t quite match the teas. I might re-do the covers to reverse them before we order them for backers.)

These blends are just the beginning–we also have an Uncanny author fan pack in the works that will have 6 different teas blended by authors to go with their stories! (Again, exclusive for a time to the folks that backed that Kickstarter level). Unless, of course, we get to 150 backers with our Weightless Books subscription drive, and one lucky winner gets some tea as part of a swag pack…

So, there you go! Custom tea blends from Adagio. Definitely one of our better ideas.


About Lynne M. Thomas

Lynne M. Thomas is a nine time Hugo Award winning editor and podcaster. In her day job, she is Head of the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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