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Caitlin’s First WisCon

All in all, it went pretty well. Caitlin was decidedly chill the whole weekend. We drove up on Thursday afternoon, after a lovely couple of days hanging out with Shira, who had flown out a couple of days before. Caitlin … Continue reading

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WisCon Approacheth!

And our entire family will be in attendance. This WisCon is also the official launch for Queers Dig Time Lords! Thus, I have a very light schedule in deference to Michael’s book launch. It really is a splendid book. I … Continue reading

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5 Things Make a Post

1. There is a new episode of Verity! Available, in which we discuss “Journey to the Center of the TARDIS”  I may have neglected to mention that Verity! has also reviewed every other episode in season 7B, and you should go … Continue reading

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Capricon Follow-Up: International SF/F panel

At Capricon, I did a panel on International SF/F with James Bacon. The audience asked us to post lists, notes, etc. Here is what we cobbled together from our discussion.  Thanks, James, for writing all of this up! James’ notes: … Continue reading

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Verity! Extra!

Originally posted by at Verity! Extra!: A Con-versation This week’s Extra! is a timely one. With Gallifrey One only about a week away Deb, Erika, Kat, and Lynne discuss conventions–of the Doctor Who and the general SF variety. Connecting in … Continue reading

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Capricon approacheth! Our whole family will be in attendance. If you’re trying to reach me, try at my panels:   International Science Fiction – Friday, 02-08-2013 – 11:30 am to 1:00 pm – Botanic Garden B (Special Events – Programming) … Continue reading

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No Gally for us. :-(

We had memberships for GallifreyOne for this February, but we have had to cancel our trip. Stupid car repairs. 😦 So, if you were planning to see us at Gally, we’re sorry. And bummed. But we still love you. Maybe … Continue reading

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Chicago TARDIS rundown

So, Chicago TARDIS happened. *g* I was relatively restrained while packing this year; only one outfit per day. I was amused, however, that when I wore a red dress on Saturday, people assumed I was cosplaying Lucy Saxon. A couple … Continue reading

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Chicago TARDIS, here I come!

Today is my last day in the office until Monday, but I will be at Chicago TARDIS all weekend as a guest! Here’s my schedule: Contributor Reception – Thursday, 11-22-2012 – 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm – Grand Ballroom A-D … Continue reading

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WindyCon Weekend

It’s WindyCon weekend! I’ll be headed out there this afternoon, and will be underfoot for most of tomorrow. I’m lightly scheduled. I have the Writers’ Workshop from 9-noon on Saturday morning, and then one panel: My Doctor is Better (Saturday, … Continue reading

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