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Musings on Libraries and Disability

Two articles that crossed my path today, at the intersection of libraries and disability: The Atlantic: Living Longer, With More Disability Library Trends: Access Is Not Problem Solving: Disability Justice and Libraries Both of these are directly relevant to my … Continue reading

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A Pledge for SF/F Convention Accessibility

I would like to build a world where our first thought about any given convention is “Yay, convention!” not “is this even remotely accessible for Caitlin?” As many of you know from recent posts and Tweets, the World Fantasy Convention … Continue reading

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5 things make a post-Convergence update post

  1. New Verity Episode! Episode 46: Communication Breakdown is live. 2. Work is quiet, in the sense that I’m mostly working on things like annual reports and tenure portfolio reviews, that I can poke at slowly over time well … Continue reading

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Day of the Doctor 3D Screenings and accessibility

So, the Day of the Doctor 3D screenings are going live across the country in the US. This is awesome. We probably will have to watch from home, because Caitlin can’t process 3D visuals (and won’t keep glasses on). I’d … Continue reading

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So, How Was Your WorldCon?

I’ve been answering this question all week. And that answer is … complicated. We traveled by car from DeKalb, IL to San Antonio, TX over 2 days, as we had to bring Caitlin with us to WorldCon, and traveling by … Continue reading

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Link on parenting and disability and conversations

If I had more energy, this might be more of a rant. I’m just going to leave this here: Dear People Who Do Not  Have a Child With Disabilities. Please read it if you are so inclined. Much of this rings … Continue reading

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Caitlin’s First WisCon

All in all, it went pretty well. Caitlin was decidedly chill the whole weekend. We drove up on Thursday afternoon, after a lovely couple of days hanging out with Shira, who had flown out a couple of days before. Caitlin … Continue reading

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Support the DeKalb Public Library Expansion

I’ve talked often about DeKalb Public Library here. We’re pretty hardcore users.  We attend programs, and spent a couple of years as part of their Science Fiction Book Club, Destination Wonder. I work with them routinely through the Friends of … Continue reading

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