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Readercon follow-up: still not going.

So, the Readercon Board made a statement about the incident in question. Yeah…not impressed. They are worried about his having a chance to reform, and he said he’s sorry…to the Board. …so they are more worried about how he feels, … Continue reading


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Why I won’t be attending Readercon this year as planned. [rant]

So, Michael and I had been considering attending Readercon next year instead of CONvergence (they are on back-to-back weekends, so we would have to choose). We’re not considering it any longer. Genevieve Valentine wrote a couple of weeks ago about … Continue reading

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Spread the Word to End the Word Day

Today is Spread The Word To End The Word Day. The word is “retarded.” Just. Don’t. For Caitlin.

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Why I still don’t own an ereader [rant]

It’s quite simple. I can’t afford to purchase copies of every ebook I’d like to read, and I refuse to pirate them. I could easily spend a decent portion of our monthly budget on ebooks, especially since the ebooks I want … Continue reading

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